Jo Spencer - Animal Pet CommunicatorWhat is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is telepathic and energetic communication with an animal of any species. The animal communication is received and sent through non-verbal exchange, through pictures, thought patterns, words and sensations. During a reading I connect to the energy of your animal through a photograph of your pet and messages are received telepathically. Your questions and thoughts will be put to your pet and any questions or thoughts they may have will be passed to you together with the answers they have given. Should the animal or pet have any physical concerns, these may also be revealed to me should they choose to do so.

What type of animal / pet can be read?

Any type of animal / pet can be read, as long as they are willing to communicate. Over the years that I have been working as an animal communicator, distance healer and pet psychic I have worked with all sorts of animals and pets, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, farm animals and wild life.

An Animal's Eyes Have the Power to Speak a Great Language." - Martin Buber.

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